Why thinking you're ugly

is bad for you?

Noa Reznik and Noa Cohen

  • Most of the time the reason that the teenagers don’t like themselves is because other teenagers told them something offensive like: "you are ugly, you are fat, you are not good enough", and they really believe them.
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Today, a lot of teenagers feel alone, they feel they have to be online and available at all times, talking, massaging, liking, commenting, sharing, posting - it never ends.
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10 thousand people every month google "Am I ugly?" and they post videos of themselves asking other people how they look? Ugly? Or pretty?
They do this just to know what other people think about them, so you can tell that they're really care about it.

This is Faye,

This girl above is Faye, and she posted this video like a lot of other teenagers, and she has about 844,000 views, and over 15,000 comments.
A lot of people commented and said that she is ugly
I'm sure that those comments don't make her happy or feel good about herself at all.


Thirty one percent, nearly one in three teenagers don't take part in the class conversation because they don’t want to draw attention to the way that they look.
One in five students are not showing up to class at all on days when they don’t feel good about themselves.
I personatly think that this is wrong thing to do.
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To be super clear, those teenagers think about themselves that they're ugly, and sometimes, no one ever told them that they're ugly, but they still think that they're so ugly that they don't need to show up at school.
I think that people should be more careful about what they say to other people, that might hate themselved just because someone told them something offensive, and they might even hurt themselves just because that little word.
In the end, everyone of us is pretty in he's own way, and anybody of us need to change something about ourselves just for other people!
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