Spring Online Learning

Feb 12 - March 31

Items to Note:

  • Spring online courses open Friday, February 12, at 4 PM.
  • Spring online courses close Thursday, March 31, at 11:59 PM.
  • All of these online courses earn 2015 November Trade Credit!
  • When finished with the course, you MUST fill out the Google form in the course for credit.
  • Do NOT register in Eduphoria Workshop.
  • Once checked for completion, participants will be registered in Eduphoria Workshop.
  • Courses cannot be taken more than once for credit.
  • Enrollment key is spring for every LOLA course.
  • The three Google courses are in Google Classroom, not LOLA.
  • For all book studies, you must read the book & complete all online activities.

NEW courses!

Courses you may have missed...