IMLEA Monday Minute

October 9, 2017

Champions Together: Still Some Openings

At our conference, we publicly rolled out a partnership with Special Olympics Indiana. Unified events, in which special needs students compete side by side with general ed students, have been taking place at the high school level for several years; the program is now being expanded to the middle level. Sixteen IMLEA member schools have already signed up to begin next semester, and there is room for four more. One of the beauties of this program is that you can decide how many events and if/when to hold competitions. You can even start out with just a fitness club. A playbook has been created and vetted by IMLEA leaders. If you are interested in having your school participate, please contact Shirley Wright ASAP. Several of us have heard Mitch Bonar in person, and were delighted to see that he was featured on a commercial currently playing on the Big 10 Network.

ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: Porcupines and Castles: Help Your Kids Slow Down and Think

One of my favorite sources of inspiration for all things middle is the MiddleWeb website. I have known one of the founders, John Norton, for many years. The site is a constant source of high quality articles, blogs, reviews, and more. This article from last year was just retweeted/reshared, and is well worth the time to read. It would be great for a staff, PLC, or department discussion.

Last Week's Poll: Continued

We have created a twitter list of all of the middle level schools our IMLEA account was already following, plus those who answered last week's poll question, and other member schools as we come across them. We know that there are many more schools with twitter accounts. By clicking on this list, you can easily see what other schools are doing, and perhaps get some ideas that you can use. So, we have extended last week's question: Do you have a twitter account for your school? Please answer in this Google form.

Session Links and Evaluation Form

Just a reminder that you can access presentations from our conference using this link. We also appreciate all of those who have completed the evaluation form, and encourage others to fill it out. We will use that data at our next board meeting as we move ahead with plans for next year's conference.

Important Dates