Bobcat Local News Update

Moving Our Practice- January 2016


A True Example of Voice and Choice for Students

These students love what they are doing and it shows on their faces! It takes dedication to learn how to keep in step with each other! How can we bring this excitment into the classroom?
Stepping Up at BES

In Other News.....

A wonderful team of innovative thinkers went to California to view some schools! Be sure to ask them what they learned and saw while they were there!
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Have you found the Henry county Schools list of competencies? If not, click the words below to see the competencies and what is coming soon!

Tech Tool of the Week

Blendspace! Check out the video to see how one teacher uses it in her classroom!

Depth of Knowledge

So what does a DOK lesson look like. Although the following video is middle school, it can apply very easily to elementary.