Digital Media Production class

Wexford Missaukee Career Technical Center

An update on what's happening in DMP from Ms. Cook and Mr. Spicer

Your student has been learning to tell stories with video and audio. Thus far this school year, projects have ranged from the basics of camera shots, to gradually more involved projects like biographies, music videos, stop frame assignments, movie scene re-creations, and most recently, lyric videos. Students are also required to do a client project once per semester. Client projects are those that go beyond classroom assignments, and are designed to prepare students for the deadlines and expectations of real life work after graduation. Recent examples of a client project include documenting the building of a replica sports car by the Power Sports & Equipment class, a new promotional video for Belle Oakes Living Center, and working with local seniors on a new collaboration. Which brings us to...

The Cyber-Seniors program

Most Fridays in January and February, the morning class worked with a group of seniors from the Cadillac Senior Center. The goal of the Cyber-Seniors program is to have DMP students teach seniors how to do everything from simply turning on a computer to making a Facebook page, and introducing them to YouTube, to making a video of their choice to be uploaded onto YouTube. It has been a wonderful experience watching our students form a bond with the seniors, and the seniors' willingness to learn new things. Based on the success of our first try, we are expecting to team up our PM class with a group of new seniors before the end of the school year, and possibly make this program an annual arrangement.

Job shadowing and job exploration

A job shadow is generally a one day, outside of class, on site job experience, while a job exploration is usually a once-a-week, on site job experience, lasting up to 45 hours total. Junior students in their second semester, and second year senior students can have access to these experiences. Currently, there are several students with job exploration arrangements with MiNews 26, and several more who have job shadowed in the operations department at 9&10. We are expanding our relationship with 9&10 to include "A Day In The Life Of A Reporter" experience, in which students will get to spend an entire day with a reporter observing an on location shoot, then back to the studio to watch the video get edited for the newscast. Those interested in radio have taken advantage of shadowing opportunities with 107.9 CDY and WTCM. These are one-of-a-kind chances for students to see a job firsthand that they may have an interest in.

Digital Media Production at the Wexford Missaukee CTC

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