APUSH Survival Guide

By Shelby Bennett

Advantages to Taking APUSH

Coming from AP World History, I feel that APUSH is a much more relevant and familiar class. Most of the events and people, you have probably heard of before so you have the advantage of prior knowledge. Compared to CPUSH, you are going to have a much more involved and interesting class in APUSH. The people in APUSH are much more invested in their own success and more interested in the class as a whole. And of course, you get college credit!

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My Motto- Leaders Sit in the Front

Sitting in the front is the best place to be! You're more likely to stay awake and involved with the lesson. Also, it is easier to ask questions talk with your teacher. Plus you never have to worry about not catching something on the board.


The best advice I can give for anyone taking APUSH, in particular with Mrs. Mullis, is to take advantage of all the resources and opportunities she gives you. Go to the movie bonuses, do the test corrections, turn in notes for reading quizzes, and use all the materials she puts on eclass. Use all of the resources and the workload will be more manageable.
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How to Survive...

  1. Reading Quizzes- As simple as it sounds, you really just need to do the reading. I personally like to read about a paragraph at a time and then take some notes versus writing facts down as I see them. Then I compare my notes to online notes, like from course notes to make sure I got all the key information.
  2. Tests- Tests can be really easy if you use all the resources Mrs. Mullis gives you. Try to really pay attention during the folder review games, go to the morning review sessions, and just study the review guide.
  3. DBQ's- Take a little bit more time to really organize the documents and plan the essay out. The most helpful thing that I try to remember is that the writing doesn't have to be like an essay for English class, it just needs to be clear and use information correctly.
  4. SAQ's-Don't go too overboard and make these too "fluffy". Answer the question with the needed information, but be concise. The goal here is really to show off how much you know about the given topic.
  5. LEQ's- Watch your time on this one! The name is misleading since you actually have the least amount of time to write this essay. All of the information comes from you so be as detail rich as you can. Don't be vague, give specifics!

Extra Credit a.k.a the Best Thing Ever

Do the extra credit! There are tons of opportunities to add points to almost everything. Take notes to turn it with the reading quizzes, who doesn't want an extra 40 points? Go to the movie bonuses, they aren't very long and are very interesting. Do your test corrections! They will give you some points back and help you understand the information for the AP exam.
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Expectations from Mrs. Mullis

Mrs. Mullis really just expects your attention and best work. As long as your value her time and energy and complete all of your work with it in mind, you'll be fine. She gives you everything you need to succeed so use it and respect her for it.

Best and Worst of APUSH

My favorite thing about APUSH is that I feel much more connected and informed about American history. Mrs. Mullis has a lot of love for this class as well as the students in it that really shows through the fun we have in the class. We also get to have intriguing class discussions and debates about the issues we learn about that gets you more involved in the history.

The worst thing you could do in APUSH is to let the opportunities pass you by. Too many people skip the movie bonuses or never do their test corrections, but then are desperately trying to get their grade up at the end of the semester. Do everything early when it is still extra credit, not later when you need it to save your grade.

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