Classroom Mobile Apps

5 useful apps for use in a K-12 Classroom


This innovative app allows the teacher to insert discussions, polls, links, or clarification directly in any text that a student is reading. This would be useful for assigned readings in an English or social studies class to expand and gauge student learning.

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Students will have an easier way to remember homework if their teacher uses the app Remind. This app sends students an instant text from the teacher, without having to give out phone numbers. This could be useful in any classroom, so that students have due dates sent directly to their phone as they become relevant.

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This app is for the teacher. Gradebook allows teachers to record grades, attendance or participation on the go. This app would be very handy for teachers who may not have access to a computer in class, such as physical education teachers, CTS teachers, or during field trips and labs.


Creating explanations in a new format is possible with SreenChomp. It allows teachers to create short explanatory videos on an iPad and share them with students. This would be valuable in a classroom with a diverse array of learning abilities. Students that require extra explanation can watch these videos to supplement learning, while students that understand the concept are not bored with a class lecture.

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Going paperless is easier with an appropriate app. Noteshelf allows students to take notes as they would in class with paper copy, but have all their notes stored on an iPad. This app would be useful in a class where having many pieces of paper could be problematic, like on a field trip, or for students that have difficulty remembering that one piece of paper or assignment. Noteshelf will help keep all the students individual notes in the same place, and it can work with other apps like Dropbox or Google drive.

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