The Digestive System

By Jadon Clarkson

Functions of each part of the digestive sytem

  • Mouth- Where food is swallowed.
  • Salivary glands- mixes food with saliva.
  • Esophagus- Passes through.
  • Liver- Stores and releases glucose, fat, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Gall bladder- Stores bile made by the liver.
  • Stomach- mixes with a digestive juice in a churning motion.
  • Pancreas- releases enzymes into the small intestine.
  • Small intestine- absorbs the food and nutrients.
  • Large intestines- absorbs water from the food.
  • Rectum- waste passes through.
The part of the digestive system i researched was the small intestines.
The tissues of the small intestines are smooth muscle layers and villi
  • The food is digested into little substances and is put in your blood stream.
  • The small intestine absorbs nutrients.
  • The small intestine absorbs the food.

Diseases in the digestive system

  • Actinomycosis- caused by bacteria called Actinomyces. The symptoms are pain in mouth or other organ parts. The treatment for Actinomycosis is penicillin.
  • Gastroenteritis- caused by drinking water that has bacteria in it. Symptoms are vomiting and pain. the treatment for gastroenteritis is to replace lost fluids.
  • Uric acid- cause is to much uric acid. symptoms are kidney failer and kidney stones. Treatment for to much uric acid is surgery.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease- No doctor doesn't know the cause of this yet. The symptoms are irritation, swelling, and bleeding. The treatment for this disease is drugs or surgery.

No one can live without any part of the digestive system besides the gall bladder.

You can get a replacement of one of the parts like the liver.

what other organ systems does the digestive system interact with?

Digestive system interacts with the skeletal system by the bones of the skeletal system protects and helps keep the parts of the digestive system in place. The digestive system also interacts with the circulatory system by giving energy from the food to the circulatory system. The digestive system interacts with the nervous system by the nerves connecting to the brain and the brain tells the stomach what to do.