Mr. Lafrance's Class Newsletter

Thursday, December 11

Winter - The days of shovelry...


I just wanted to send a quick note in regards to a potential Secret Santa that our class will participate in. A few of the other grade 3's around the school have expressed interest in doing this with their friends. The teachers have talked and decided rather than having kids do this on their own as groups of friends, we would do it as a class instead.

Tomorrow, the students will have a chance to select a name. Next Friday during our Holiday Celebration, they will be welcome to exchange gifts at that time.

Gifts should be in the $5-$10 range. Also, encourage your child not to write their name on it, so we can try to guess and figure out who the mystery gifter was!

On another note...

  • We have 4 parent volunteers for next Wednesday, that's enough - Thank You!
  • A correction to the time for the Blizzard Bazaar... it is from 5 - 8pm. Not 7pm as I had initially mentioned in my newsletter earlier in the week.

Good luck with getting around the city... it seems there is Snow Way Out!

See you tonight at the Bazaar.

All the best,

Mr. Lafrance

Shopping Flyers

Next week as part of our study on money... The students will have an opportunity to explore flyers and find items they would "purchase" for family members. They will then have to add them up and determine the total cost.

If you could send in a few flyers or catalogues, that would very much help! We will get started on Tuesday.