January 13 to 17, 2014 Newsletter

This week Extracurricular Clubs will be starting. Your child should have received a letter explaining the room number, and the time to pick up your child.

We have finished our Dinosaur Circle stories, and they will be ready to put into our Reading Center this week. You will receive a copy of your child's story along with a rubric with your child's mark on each section that we worked on. This week, we will be writing a circle story independently. This will be for assessment purposes for report cards.

In math, we will be learning subtraction strategies. We will be working on Counting Back, Zero Facts, and Double Facts.

In science, your child will be bringing home their Hot and Cold Booklet that we have completed. We are starting our new unit on magnets. We are busy learning about how magnets work, and what a magnetic field can go through. We will then be applying our knowledge to making a project using a magnet.

Have a great week.