Computer Components

by Harry Heather

What are Computer Components

Computer components are the parts of the computer that make it work. Without these components you wouldn't be able to use a computer. There are components to cool it down, to make it faster and all sorts of other components to improve it.

Who invented the computer

The computer was invented after world war two by Alan Turing. During the war, Alan Turing had to break the Nazis enigma code. He was a mathematician so this within his capability to do. To do it, he built the world's first programmable computer. Fortunately, he succeed and help win the war for the allies.

Here is a documentary about Alan Turing:

Alan Turing - Celebrating the life of a genius

Where all of the componets go in the computer

As you can see, here is where all the components slot in. As you can see we have the disk drive near the top corner. The heat sync is towards the centre with the CPU directly under it, the power supply is towards the edge so it can connect to the wire that connects to the power, the fire wire is near the bottom, the RAM is on the right hand side and slots in and the motherboard is the whole board that everything is connected to.
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