Where there are no rules or laws!

What is an Anarchy

A sitution of confusion and wild behavior in which the people in a country, group, organization, ect, are not controlled by rules or laws.

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Who is the head of this type of government?

We dont have one!

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How are laws made in this type of government? Who is in the legislature?

There are no rules.

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What rights do the citizens have? Can they vote?

They have all the rights they want. Nobody controls them they have unlimited rights. They could shoot somebody and not get into any sort of trouble.

Examples of countries that currently have this type of government.

Egypt, Libya, South Africa, Zambia, Tunisin, Algeria.

I am in favor to Anarchy. How about you?

I like Anarchy because I think that it would be fun to be able to do whatever you want without getting in trouble or going to jail. I would love to have an Anarchy.

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