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20 Facts About Ernest Hemingway :

1. ) He was born on July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois

2. ) While in High School, he worked on the school's newspaper writing about sports

3. ) In 1918, Hemingway went over seas to serve in the World War I as an ambulance driver in the Italian Army

4. ) In Chicago, he met Hadley Richardson, the woman who would become his first wife. The couple married and quickly moved to Paris

5. ) In 1923, Hadley and Ernest had a son, John Hadley Nicanor Hemingway

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6. ) In 1925, the couple, joined a group of British and American expatriates, took a trip to the festival that later provided the basis of Hemingway's first novel, "The Sun Also Rises"

7. ) Soon after the publication of "The Sun Also Rises" , Hemingway and Hadley divorced, due to his affair with a women named Pauline Pfeiffer.

8. ) Pauline was Hemingway's second wife soon after the divorce with Hadley was final

9. ) in 1928, Pauline became pregnant with another son, Patrick Hemingway, in which the couple had moved back to America and settled in Key West, Florida

10. ) Most of the time in the 1930's, he would be big game hunting in Africa, bullfighting in Spain, and deep-sea fishing in Florida

11 .) While being reported for the Spanish Civil War in 1937, he met a fellow war correspondent named Martha Gellhorn (wife number 3) and gathered material for his next novel, "For Whom The Bell Tolls"

12.) Almost predictably, his marriage with Pauline Pfeiffer deteriorated and the couple divorced.

13. ) Gellhorn and Hemingway soon married after and purchased a farm near Havana, Cuba

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14. ) After a divorce with Martha Gellhorn, Hemingway found Mary Walsh and married her

15. ) Hemingway still had many adventures into Africa but sustained many injuries and survived many plane crashes

16. ) In 1954, Hemingway was the Nobel Prize in Literature

17. ) Recovering from various old injuries from Cuba, Hemingway suffered from depression and was treated for numerous conditions such as high blood pressure and liver disease

18. ) He wrote "A Moveable Feast", a memoir of his years in Paris, and retired permanently in Idaho

19. ) While in Idaho, he continued to battle with deteriorating mental and physical health

20. ) Early July 2, 1961, Ernest Hemingway committed suicide in his Ketchum home