Why teens should be educated on the dangers of smoking

The proof is in the science-

Cigarettes contain the addictive chemical known as nicotine, along with thousands of carcinogens and tar that builds in the lungs. There is enough nicotine in 5 cigarettes that if ingested whole, can kill a man. There are toxic chemicals in cigarettes smoke, for example, hydrogen cyanide, which was used as a genocidal chemical agent during World War II.

Why Teens Should Never Light That First Cigarette

Every single day, 3,900 people under the age of 18 will try their first cigarette, 950 of which will become daily smokers. About 30% of teen smokers will die early from the U.S.'s most preventable death. 90% of smokers start smoking before age 19, and teen smokers are more likely to have panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and depression.

Why Teens Start Smoking In General

Teens who are not doing well academically or are involved in extracurricular activities tend to be more vulnerable to smoking. Teens get started by something called peer pressure. They think that if they don't smoke, they will be uncool or unpopular. Also, teens with less education or low income families tend to think smoking is normal. Finally, those who feel bad about themselves or lack confidence may start smoking on their own.