Friendship and Heroism in Max

1. The movie Max: Max is about a dog that helped US Marines in Afghanistan who returns to the U.S. and is adopted by his handler's family after suffering a traumatic experience. The theme of the movie is friendship and heroism. When the younger brother, Justin, finds out about gun smuggling between an old army buddy of his brothers and some cartel smugglers. Justin, his friends, and Max try to stop the gun smuggling. During this it shows the friendship between Justin and Max and the heroism in them both. As they are being chased by the cartel and the army buddy they are crossing a big stream and Justin gets pulled under. Max immediately jumps in and pulls him out. Also, as they are running the cartel guys send two dogs out to attack Justin but Max attacks the dogs so Justin can get away. When they catch up to Justin and Max the old army buddy of his older brother pulls out a gun and tries to shoot Max first but Justin is quick on his feet and pushes the guy so he misses Max. As the guy stables himself he turns around and tries to shoot Justin but Max quickly jumps in the way to save him from the bullet. These are just some examples of the bond between Justin and Max.
This video shows the themes and it also shows the friendship that Justin and Max form. It also shows a little of the journey that Max and Justin go on to stop the cartel men and the old army buddy.