Support Crew Ride 4 Breast Cancer

Why? because breast cancer sucks and we want to help.

DATE: Sept 15th 2012

Locations: Cowboy Harley and Central Harley, ONE ride leaving from TWO locations. Depending on where you live, Central in North Austin and Cowboy is South Austin.


Cowboy Harley Davidson and Central Harley Davidson are joining forces for the first time with the same mission on the same day by riding together in

The SUPPORT CREW RIDE 4 Breast Cancer

A BIG thank you to Winter Green of Cowboy Harley Davidson and Ric Van Vleet of Central Harley Davidson for making this happen.

Time: registration @ 9:30

Kick Stands up @ 11:00

$30 rider, $15 passenger and survivors or patients ride free.

First 100 registered Riders get a free newly designed Support Crew Tee Shirt. Proudly wear and show the world you RIDE TO PROVIDE.


BUT, BUT I don't ride can I still help? YES and thank you

To make your tax deductible donation please go to

SUPPORT CREW RIDE only $30, SURVIVORS and Patients Ride Free.

Saturday, Sep. 15th 2012 at 9:30am-1pm

10917 Interstate 35

Austin, TX

$15 for passengers.

Car drivers are welcome (meet you at Opal Divine's)

*** TO REGISTER please go to (starting AUG 22nd)

Same RIDE Leaving from 2 locations

Cowboy Harley Davidson

Central Texas Harley-Davidson

Registration @9:00-10:30

Kickstands up @ 11:00

Riding through Hill Country and downtown Austin to make a lot of noise to bring awareness and to let people know that riders care! "We Ride To Provide"

Ending at Opal Divine's Penn Field's on Congress

3601 South Congress in South Austin • Tel - (512) 707-0237

Live Music by Tahni Handal

Stronger Again

Tahni Handal is an Austin-based musician, so it comes as no surprise that she's difficult to pigeon-hole. Sometimes acoustic and introspective, sometimes rocking and angry, her music is emotionally driven and spiritually fueled, qualities that shine through in her hauntingly open vocal delivery.

Amazing Grace will be sung by the beautiful and talented Courtney Sanchez

Courtney Sanchez is a Dynamic. Compelling. Interactive. Informative. Empowering!! These are the words used to describe Courtney Sanchez and her passionate public speaking...

She also uses her music to paint a vivid picture that further draws in her already captive audiences.

Because of this, she has been asked to be the opening speaker for Will Winn, Mayor of Austin Texas, Austin’s police chief Art Acevedo, and The Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden.

We are providing healincomfort shirts to every breast cancer patient possible.

We are gifting healincomfort shirts to BCRC through 501(c)3 Once the newly diagnosed patient goes to get her free post op healincomfort shirt the professional staff of BCRC will be able to assure that each patient has a support system and services needed to get through the journey of breast cancer. Everything is FREE, no charge to the patient. No one should have to go through this alone and it's time to HEAL IN COMFORT!


COME OUT AND SUPPORT, don't ride? no worries come visit the bikers at Opal Divine's

3601 South Congress in South Austin • Tel - (512) 707-0237 around 1:00. Come meet some local patients and survivors. Come see our cool bikes and cool people riding to help. A BIG thank you to Opal Divine's owner and a rider Michael Parker

thank you for your help bikers ROCK and ROLL

Cherie B. Mathews

founder and CEO of

Support Crew Ride 2010 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

OH NO! I can't make it, how can I still help?

You can make a donation to 501(c)3

To make your tax deductible donation please go to

Want to learn more about the healincomfort shirts?

Please go to Created and patented by a breast cancer survivor Cherie B. Mathews who has been there and done and discovered the hard way there wasn't anything to wear after a mastectomy so The healincomfort shirt was created to solve a piece of the puzzle in the journey through breast cancer.

It's time to HEAL IN COMFORT and bikers CARE so I created The Support Crew Ride to be able to help even more patients.

thank you, Cherie B Mathews