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February 20-24, 2017

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from J

As you share the bond information items with your parent/community group, please use wisdom in when you do so. While we want a very informed community, we also don't want them to be irritated. An example: I noted a few sites were planning on pairing the information with a school program; good thinking if you are interested in a mass audience hearing the message. The potential downside is frustrating the audience as they are held hostage to the information before they get to hear the angelic performance of their 1st graders. You know your community, so please be strategic in your planning. An invitation to stick around after the student program may yield less adults, but those that stay or doing so for the right reasons, which may be much more powerful than an attempted forcing of the masses. As these meetings take place (with both staff or community/parents), don't be surprised if Bret, myself, or another ELT member shows up just to listen to the conversation, and/or be a face of support.

Concerning building improvements and grounds: As a reminder – no work should be performed in your building or on the site without receiving approval, regardless of funding source or volunteer labor. A work order must be submitted in SchoolDude to initiate the approval process. This approval process protects both you and the District from liability issues including code requirements, board policy regulations, etc.

Two RAHs ago I requested information around your site's participation around Read Across America Day. I have feedback from 4 sites, so I'm simply ensuring that this didn't get skipped over. The official Read Across America Day is Thursday, March 2, (although many of you something sometime that week). This year, The United Way of the Ozarks is reaching out to partner for this, at least on a limited basis. The United Way of the Ozarks received a donation of 7,000 books that they like to give to 3rd graders across their 14 county area. Their goal is to have guest readers in every 3rd grade classroom. In order to coordinate this event, please take two minutes to complete this form. Regardless if you go the route/support from United Way, please consider participating in this even to encourage a love and appreciation for reading.

Using input from the Delta team, we are moving toward other departments newsletters being linked through the RAH. This may take a few times before the habit is formed. Below you will find the latest For The Record from the Records Office.

I will be learning out of town Tuesday and Wednesday, but will be available by phone if needed. I will also be checking emails.

Enjoy this 3 day weekend! I'm starting mine with a hug from Bret-

Bored Out of Their Minds

Such a fantastic read: “We have to stop seeing boredom as a frilly side effect. It is a central issue. Engagement is a precondition for learning. No learning happens until students agree to become engaged with the material.”

BOE Regular Mtg

Tuesday, Feb. 21st, 5:30pm

1359 East Saint Louis Street

Springfield, MO

from the Mayor-

If you have paras who inform you they will not be returning next year, please let me know ASAP. Reminder – I only deal with regular education paras and not Title 1 or special education paras.

The Explore Team met Wednesday. Enrollment began on Monday and is progressing as expected. The Explore team will meet in March to plan the administrator trainings set in April. If you have topics you feel should be included, send them to me.

I met with the AP Cadre on Monday and topics included instructional configurations, interviewing, student due process, and student retention and promotion procedures.

Delta team meets next Thursday so please provide agenda items to your feeder pattern representative. I encourage you to consider the scope of your agenda item. If the item impacts several schools, it’s likely a topic that needs to be discussed. If it’s a site specific item, please consider reaching out to the Director that has oversight of it. For example, if it’s a building service issue, please reach out to Shawn Dilday. If it’s a Blended Learning issue, reach out to Nichole Lemmon. If it’s a curriculum issue, reach out to Allison Pilley. Etc.

As presented at the last Elementary Learning meeting, one of my weaknesses was “How clearly does your leader identify their goals”(Extremely clear = 55%, Quite clear = 39%, Somewhat clear = 3%). After thinking about this, my primary goal this year is/was/should be providing timely and relevant feedback to the 16 principals who I evaluate. As a result, my goal is to provide Tower data to at least 4 different principals on my evaluation list weekly and update you regularly about how goal attainment progresses. As of me writing this update, I have provided Tower Data to 6 different principals this week.

In regards to the empathy and trust weaknesses, I’m still pondering how to measure/improve those with this serving as a starting point. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

What is the purpose of school?

"...consider this from the educator’s point of view, as well. Doesn’t the quality of a culture rely in part on a deep, dynamic interaction between those who are adults now, and those who will be soon?”

Kids who give the BEST motivational speeches! Motivational Video 2016