The European Union

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What is it?

The European Union is a very unique economic and political partnership between 27 European countries that together cover much of the continent. One of its main goals is to promote human rights both internally and around the world. Human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights: these are the core values of the EU.

Why was it created?

The European Union was created to make the European Countries trade with each other. This would make them interdependent, and therefore less likely to get into conflict with each other.

What is the purpose of the European Union?

They promote economic and social progress and boost employment. The EU also can be identified world wide. It strengthens and protects the rights and interests of the nationals of it’s Member States. Also they maintain and develop the Union as a place of freedom, security and justice. People can come together to find security and peace throughout the nation.

What has it acomplished?

For half a century the EU has provided peace, prosperity, stability, helped raise living standards, and launched a single European currency. The people, goods and services are moving more freely. The citizens of Europe are able to travel, study and work wherever they want in the 27 European Union countries. By the EU making a single market and a single currency, their goal is to boost trade and employment throughout Europe.

How does the European Union effect the world globally?

Promoting its values and interests globally, the EU is the world’s biggest trader and its biggest provider of aid to developing countries. Under the Treaty of Lisbon, Europe will speak with a clear voice on relations. The Treaty of Lisbon contains two important innovations with a impact on the Union’s external action: the President of the European Council appointed for term of two and a half years, and the new High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the Commission, who will make sure the Union's external action is good. The Treaty of Lisbon helps the EU work more effectively and helpfully around the world. Connecting different strands of EU external policy, such as diplomacy, security, trade, development, humanitarian aid and international negotiations, will give the EU a clearer voice in relations with our partner countries and organizations around the world.


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What impact has the European Union had on trade, security, and economic prosperity in the region?