Global and Local winds


What is wind?

Local winds

What are local winds?

Local winds are winds that blow over short distances. Local winds are caused by the unequal heating of Earth's surface within a small space or area.

Sea breeze

Sea breezes are a wind that blows from an ocean (sea) or lake towards land. When the sea blows its wind, then the warm air rises up, and the cool air travels back to the ocean. This is a cycle that goes on over and over again.

Land Breeze

Land breezes are a wind that blows from land towards a body of water. When the land breeze blows onto a body of water the warm air rises up and it turns cold. Then that descending cool air rises down to the ground. This is a cycle that repeats its self.

( The two cycles are basically the same, just you flip flop the two )

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Global Winds

What are Global Winds?

Global winds are winds that travel over a large area, like the globe! Global winds are created by the unequal heating of Earths Surface. Just like local winds. But they aren't the same. As the Earth rotates , the Coriolis Effect causes winds in the Northern Hemisphere to turn right. The sun heats Earth unequally. For example, the sun shines directly over the equator. The sun shines at an angle over the poles.

What are the doldrums?

The doldrums are winds that are at located at the equator ( 0 degrees latitude ) and they are very weak. The doldrums is a very calm area around the Earth. This is the place on the Earth where warm air rises.
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What are the Trade Winds?

The trade winds are winds that lie in between 0 degrees and 30 degrees latitude. These winds are very strong. Sailors used these winds to help them move their cargo to other countries to trade special things or goods. They are global winds that blow in the northern hemisphere to the equator.
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What are the Jet Streams?

The Jet stream is a band of very strong winds in the upper troposphere. Airplanes use these to travel faster with saving fuel at the same time! These winds are high speed and the blow at the top of the troposphere.
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WHat are the Prevailing Westerlies?

The Prevailing Westerlies are winds that lie between 30 degrees and 60 degrees north and south latitude and they blow from the west. These winds blow away from the horse latitudes. Since these winds blow from the west they are called the Prevailing Westerlies.
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