Idea Networking & Wrap Up Session

DSIL VC Session 20 | TUESDAY | 15 December @ 11am Bangkok

Join Us Online for the Final DSIL VC Session.

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About this session

On Tuesday , December 15 @ 11am Bangkok we held our final (20th) Virtual Classroom session. All DSIL participants were invited to 'idea network' and share their project, work, goals, ideas with our group in 60 seconds or less.

Visual aids were highly encouraged but not required.

Create a mini-pitch that leverages our collective global network and:

  • showcases personal or professional projects, work, goals, ideas

  • could be supported through the DSIL community

  • may have a call to action or next step for the DSIL community

  • covers the 'what', 'so what' and 'now what' aspects

Online Format

  • 1 minutes maximum (!) or less

  • you are encouraged to share a prezi, powerpoint or short video if it helps you narrate or deliver your message.

When + Where

Action Required

Gentle Reminder: This VC is Connected to DSIL Challenge # 10!

DSIL Challenge #10 Flyer is Here (and information below)

The VC Wrap-Up session is our last online session together. Innovation happens at the crossroads of many different sectors. In this final wrap-up session Track A, B, C, X, and VC will come together, everyone will have a chance to share to the group in a 60 second slot.


This final VC allows us to formally introduce the entire 2015 DSIL family alongside the large spectrums of their ideas/needs or gifts to the collective.


  • Work on your 60 second slot! What idea do you want to share with the group? What needs do you have? What can you give? Your 60 seconds is yours, and everyone on this call has so to contribute. Make it count.

  • From here the community is yours!
  • Set up additional conversations and continue to grow and move ideas forward, together. This leads into the following Challenge #11: Expanded Virtual Coffee

Estimated Total Time to Prepare: Less than an hour