Course Selection Survey Results

By: Xitlali Castaneda

I decided to make this survey to figure out if my class mates would really be willing to put in the extra work and effort in high school to succeed in college. I was happy with the results because although some people are unsure about college they'd still be interested in investing their time on trying. A lot more students than I expected were 100% about their college decisions, and for sure want to go to college. I was also surprised by the low results of people not caring or not wanting to go to college, I expected those numbers to be higher, but I'm glad most of my class mates want college in their future's.
Question #1: These results really surprised me because 19/27 students are 100% on wanting to go to college

Question #2: This question is the one that I wasn't expecting these types of results on, most of my class mates would be willing to do harder class work if it benefited them in college. Which shows that everyone is willing to put in the work even if they struggle.

Question #3: After viewing the results for questions 1 and 2 this didn't surprise me as much. Students do want to have classes that are more specific to what they want to do in college. They want to figure out what they enjoy and what they find interesting, so when they do go to college they know what they want.

Question #4: This question really shows that students do want to be prepared for college whether they're 100% sure they want to attend or if they are still thinking about it, most students are interested. I feel like most people underestimate how many students are really interested in college, I know I did. Most students want to learn so they can be prepared and understand what they are doing, because i feel that college is a big step.

Question #5: I felt like this question was really important because college has a lot to do with what connections you make with people. It has to do with how you network and socialize and in college many people do that by joining extracurricular activities. So if schools had more activities that were more appealing, students would be learning how to network and socialize with others. Which is a skill you need in college and out in the work field.