SJ CUZ Weekly Match-Up Predictions

Let's start things off with a moment of silence for all Cowboys fans. 🙏

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Manvinder's Team (107.08) vs. AVTAR's Team (95.75)

After a tough decision of what the match up of the week will be, a conclusion has been made. The underdogs of the league, the AVTAR's, come off of a fresh win, dominating the K Hat's. With a 1-1 record, they are out to beat the undefeated Manvinder's team.

Even after a "not so great" performance by the teams, both blew their opponents out of the dust in Week 2. AVTAR's wide receiver had negative points while Manvinder's running back scored a mere 0.9 before getting injured. It ended up being a perfect matchup for both members at the end; AVTAR's Kicker and Defense scored a total of 37 points, and all of Manvinder's top 5 players exceeded their projected by nearly double.

It is clear that both of these teams are capable of scoring extremely high, especially with their quarterbacks scoring 25+ every game. This father-son, unoriginal team name match-up will be one to pay close attention to, as one looks to remain undefeated and the other tries to redeem his "roast-worthy" draft.

Prediction: AVTAR's team beats Manvinder's Team

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Bompton Piru's (100.20) vs. Kaepernick's Hat (101.51)

Oh man, Oh man, Oh man, not again.

Next up is one of the hardest match ups to predict. The 1-1 Piru's are hyped up, hoping to continue their win streak. The Hat's, with two back-to-back losses, have yet to turn their GroupMe fingers back to trigger fingers and get a W.

The Hat's are very capable of scoring high (98.12 week one) while the Piru's have a scored an average of 88 points in the past two weeks. Both performances are unpredictable, as both teams running backs had disappointing performances in games that were thought to be fairly easy to win. And not to mention the injury poised rosters; the Hat's with 6 and the Piru's with 4.

The match up depends on which team's roster gets the better real-life matchup and goes ham. Can Hyde drop another 30? Will Beastmode finally go beastmode? Will Kelce go off again? Can the Hats defense strategy work?

Prediction: The Bompton Piru's win by a low margin against the Kaepernick's Hat

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Pima Block Oilers (95.58) vs. SC Heartbreakers (102.52)

Last, but not least, we have the Oilers and Heartbreakers. Both teams are tied, fighting to add more wins than losses to the books. These teams are also unpredictable, as they both won by a landslide in week 1, but struggled to strike the slightest bit of fear in their opponents during week 2.

Karma struck back at the one who found the Piru's "kicker curse" the funniest with a "wide receiver curse" on the SC Heartbreakers, who's WR got 0 despite having played 40 snaps. The Oilers tight end failed to live up to this weeks hype and could not deliver as well. Their players will have better days, but it looks tough for the Oilers this week with Drew Brees most likely not playing.

The Oilers will need Sam Bradford to step his game up, and the SC Broken Hearts' Mike Evans has to deliver and break some hearts for this to be a good match up, but things shouldn't be too bad since they had the highest losing score of the week.

Prediction: SC beats Pima Block