Google: Search Engine Supreme

By: Olivia Casper

The History of Google

Two young men, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, meeting at a place for new P.H.D. students. Little did they know that they would soon change the world using their technology degrees. The two P.H.D. students wrote a paper called "The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hyper-Textual Search Engine", which explained how a powerful search engine (like Google in the present) could work. Larry and Sergey didn't wait around for someone else to develop their rough sketch. They decided to make it themselves.

They first built a computer program known as a crawler, which can be used to improve or build search engines. Many weaker computers were used to keep the crawler (today known as the "Googlebot") running, but they knew they needed more space and would have to move to a new location soon. Another tool Google's creators made was the PageRank, which listed links based on their importance. At the time Google was located at Stanford University, so Google's creators would have to choose between their company or their education. They chose Google.

Google became an official website in 1997, and became a company, Google Inc., in 1998. By then they had about three employees and several million users! Many people liked Google because of its simplicity and the few adds. Andy Bechtolsheim was one of Google's biggest fans, and he gave Larry and Sergey one hundred thousand dollars to lift their company off of the ground, and they did! Google took off like a rocket.

Millions around the world were using it, and were liking the different apps and the fun logos it created. Today Google is one of the world's biggest search engine giants. It gains more and more users every day. Over the years Google created apps like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Maps. Some users don't even use the search engine; they use the apps that branch off of it! Now ask yourself: What would your life be like without Google?

Google's Progression

Because Larry and Sergey brainstormed with their employees for new ideas, they were able to keep improving Google. They thought it would be a fun idea to change Google's logo for important dates like Memorial Day or Chinese New Year; people loved it! Gmail was introduced in 2004, and soon became available to everyone, not just Google users. Google Maps launched in 2005, and was followed by Google Drive in 2012. These were (and still are) free to use, which attracted many people. Google also produced AdSense, a recent program that displays ads based on the user's searches. That way the ads were helpful, not annoying. Google has also connected with other forms of technology by making things like Google Chrome, Google's Wed Browser, and (more recently) computers called Chromebooks.

Google's Impact on Society

Google affects the modern world's culture about as much as we need water. Well, maybe not that much, but Google has still affected our lives. If somebody asks another person a question and they don't know the answer, the asker will be most likely advised to ¨Google it¨. Schools and businesses use Gmail and Google Drive on a daily basis because of the easy usage. Schools also use Chromebooks to write essays or make presentations. Google Maps on a mobile phone helps people navigate through unfamiliar places with voice directions to help. Google also made Android, a phone carrier that many people have. But Google is not done there. It still plans to help us shape our future with new inventions and ideas.

Who made Google the way it is?

What would have happened it Google's creators, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, didnt meet at Stanford University? Or what is Sergey didn't move from Russia to the U.S.A.? Larry and Sergey made Google the way it is. They both grew up around computers. Larry's father was one of the first people to earn a P.H.D. in computer science, and Sergey's father was a mathematician, which helped Sergey with programming. Their parents' skills helped them later in life!

Because Larry was interested with the links that connected web pages and Sergey was more interested with the data in the pages, Google was created (because their ideas and their personalities complemented each other so well). Without one or the other, the search engine that has become a big part in our lives might be different, or simply just not exist at all.

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A Successful Google Product: Google Drive

Google Drive was released on April 24, 2012. Google Drive is a place where you can download pictures, create documents, presentations, or drawings, upload and access all of your files, and it can even help you plan a wedding! By writing down notes in a document or presentation of course. You can store your documents or your other projects safely, even when on the go. Google Drive also automatically saves your work (it takes a few seconds) after you are done typing; with other programs you have to click many buttons to get to the ¨Save¨ or ¨Save As¨ button. Even then you might save it to a place where you can't find it! Google Drive has ¨Trash¨, ¨Starred¨, ¨Recent¨, ¨Shared With Me¨, and ¨My Drive¨, which can hold folders for specific types of documents or presentations. If you can't find a document by manually scrolling through your files, or just have a lot of files and don't want to scroll through them, just go to the search bar in Google Drive and search the name of your document! It will pop up and you can then click on it to open it.

When you join, Google Drive gives you 5GB of free storage space (you can do monthly payments to get more space if needed; you can even get one Terabyte for $49.99 a month)!With Google Drive you can share files with your friends and send it to them through Gmail (another Google product).

Though Google has many amazing features, Google Drive is one of the best!

Google Drive for Work