Washington, D.C. Crispell 2015

Twilight Tattoo

During the Twilight Tattoo they had the people dressed up as the soldiers from every war in American history. They also had vehicles from the different wars. They had cannons and jeeps from the wars. The show was cool and they did the show very well.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument was built at the tip of the National Mall. It was built to commemorate the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, and our first president George Washington.

The Lincoln Memorial and The Jefferson Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial was built to commemorate President Abraham Lincoln. It was built on a marsh and was has lots of columns under it to support it up. It was built in the year 1922. The Jefferson Memorial was built to commemorate President Thomas Jefferson. It was built at the south part of the mall to make up the south point. It was built in the year 1943.

The Vietnam Memorial and The Korean War Memorial

The Vietnam Memorial honors the fallen troops in the Vietnam War. The memorial is a stone black wall with all the names ingraved into it. It goes by year of death and then goes by alphabetical order. The Korean War Memorial was built to honor the fallen troops in the Korean War. The memorial is a black stone wall with pictures of the troops that had lost their lives in the war, the pictures were grouped up to make collages.

US Capital

The Capital is the meeting place of the congress and was built in 1793. Since then it has been burnt rebuilt and made bigger.

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is where the Court decides laws and different rulings. It was built to remove the judges out of the capital and give them more room.

The Smithsonian Museums of Air and Space, and Natural History

The Air and Space museum is one of thew more famous museums. It houses a lot of air planes and space rockets from the past like the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart. The Natural History Museum has information on a lot of natural world history like ancient creatures and different ares.

Arlington National Cemetery

The Arlington Cemetery is a war cemetery holding many soldiers fallen in the american army. It covers over 624 acres. In the cemetery there is many different things one of them is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is the tomb of the soldiers lost in older wars and couldn't find out their identities. Another thing in the Cemetery is the mast of the USS Maine. The mast of the USS Maine is the only thing left of the USS Maine after being sunken in the beginning of the Spanish American War. Another thing in the Cemetery is the Kennedy Grave site. The Kennedy Grave site is where John F. Kennedy and his wife and two kids are buried together.

The White House

The White House is the home of the Us President. It has bin the home of every US president since John Adams.

The National Zoo

The National Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the United States. It has many different animals including tigers, many reptiles, gorillas, and even Amazonian animals.