North track team

By Tori Buersken-Theisen

Why is track important to me!

Track is important to me because it can help people and me become a better runner,and it also can help you become a high jumper,and you also get to learn different things and become better at this sport.

What you do in track is you can pick three or more things you can choose like you can choose herdals long jump puntones and 100m dash. You gerseys look like you school colors and your meets can be faraway or close to where you live.

Why my community is important to me

How community is different then others.

My community is important to me because I get to meet new friends and stay helthy and you get to learn new stuff. You are all part of a team,you all work together and you get to be part of that team.

My community is different from other communities because you have different opinions and you all are on different teams from other schools. You also can have different activities then other people like.

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