Lick IT and Stick it!

About Flavelopes

Do you need to send envelopes but hate the taste of them? Flavelopes are here to solve all your bad tasting envelope problems! Flavelopes are envelopes with flavors on the seal line like honey, caramel, and orange. There are also syrup and apple Flavelopes. This handy new invention has flavored glue on the seal line so that sealing envelopes is enjoyable! The flavor concoction is spread over the glue so it's sticky and sweet. You can get Flavelopes at Staples, Target, OfficeMax, and Walmart. They are $12.99 for a box of 25 envelopes. There are two types of Flavelopes, sweet and organic. There are a lot of types of envelopes but you know it is a Flavelope if there is the OfficeJoy logo at the top right corner. You also don't need to waste money on stamps because the logo is the stamp. If you buy 5 boxes of Flavelopes, you get the sixth one free! So, lick it and stick it!

Why you would use It

There are many reasons you would use Flavelopes. Adults can use them for bills, wedding invitations, holiday cards, or just for writing. Kids could use them for thank-you notes, birthdays invitations or valentines. You can get your kids to write their own valentines, thank-you notes, and birthday invitations because they would love the taste of Flavelopes! A lot of burden would be off your shoulders with Flavelopes because your kids would write and seal their own messages.

How to get Flavelopes

Flavelopes are sold at a variety of different places. You can buy Flavelopes at these places, Target, Walmart, Staples and OfficeMax. Flavelopes are sold in big, medium, and small sizes for all types of cards. They are $12.99 for a box of 25. There is a sale going on now. From June 2nd to June 25th if you buy 5 boxes of Flavelopes, you can get a sixth one for free!


If you buy a box of Flavelopes, and it is stale, you got the wrong flavor, or it's ripped apart, you can get your money back by just bringing the receipt and the box back to any of the participating places that sell Flavelopes! Check the bottom of the box and it will say when the expiration date is to be sure you are getting a fresh package. You can't get your money back without the receipt so remember to save that receipt!

About the inventor

My name is Lara Karacasu and I invented Flavelopes. Some of the things I like to do is draw, cook, read, and write. I live in Cranford, New Jersey. One day, I was licking my class valentines and I realized how bad the envelopes tasted. That's how I got my inspiration for Flavelopes. People have been licking horrible tasting envelopes for a long, long time and it is time it should come to an end. Flavelopes help every part of life be a sensation!