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Maker Message: CHS Votes!

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Voting Booth Challenge

The Voting Booth Challenge was a schoolwide challenge where each class had one challenge that was part of the larger challenge. Students had the opportunity to come in during outside time to work in the Makerspace. They created a working Voting Booth (above) that was used on Tuesday as students voted for the one item (ballot to the right) that they are most excited to build with in the Makerspace. The results are in and can be found at the bottom of this newsletter!

Preprimary and Primary Challenge: Can you make a voting booth?

Preprimary and Primary students arranged the wood, gathered the nuts and bolts and built the frame for our voting booth with Rigamajig. Then they covered the sides with bulletin board paper and trimmed it to fit.

Kindergarten Challenge: Can you make a privacy screen?

Kindergarten students measured and cut green and blue crepe paper. Then they created a pattern and attached it to the front of the voting booth. Trimming the bottom produced a finished look!

First Grade Challenge: Can you make a ballot box?

First graders selected materials and then built a ballot box with Duplos and Legos. The top of the box had an opening just the right size for the ballots to fit in!

Second Grade Challenge: Can you make "I voted" stickers, a sign for the booth and tally the votes?

Second graders made the wonderful "I voted!" stickers that students received after they voted on Tuesday. They also made our "VOTE HERE" sign. When all of the results were in, they sorted the ballots into the 7 choices and reported their findings. Then they went around to each class to report the results!

Third Grade Challenge: Can you make a light that turns on and off?

Third graders used littleBits as they identified and assembled the pieces to create a green light that can turn on and off to show the booth is available and a red light that can turn on and off to show the booth is in use.

Just like parents went to the polls on Tuesday, so did we! Watch our voting process in action...

CHS Votes!

RIGAMAJIG is the material our students are most excited to build with!

As a result, students will have an opportunity to visit the Makerspace next Tuesday and Wednesday during outside time to build with Rigamajig!