Cell phones are very dangerous

Don't text and drive!

Did you know that taking your eye off the rode for one second could get you killed?

Cell phones are very dangerous. Texting and driving is very distracting and can cause accidents. You should always pay attention and not text and drive.
[FULL] Volkswagen Eyes On The Road Cinema Stunt | Shocking Danger of Texting and Driving

Drinking and driving are very similar to texting and driving.

  • No paying attention
  • People switching lanes
  • People killing other people

If you ever get an accident you do need your cell phone to contact someone.

  • To contact police
  • To call parents
  • If you ever are in trouble contact someone close where you are

Some people think cell phones are not dangerous.

  • To help
  • To help you get out of a situation
  • To know where you are

Stay off cell phones to save a life maybe your own!