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Laptop Drop-offs & Student Item Pick-ups

Monday, June 22nd, 9am-2pm

Bullock School

All district laptops & library books must be returned. Pick-up items include bagged student belongings & medication. Click on the document below for details!

Gr1 Orientation

Thursday, Aug. 27th, 10pm

Bullock School

Depending on the state of COVID-19, this may be a virtual event. In the event that we are permitted to hold this event at Bullock, we will utilize the schedule outlined below. I will keep everyone updated as the summer progresses.
  • 10:00 - Last Names A-G
  • 10:30 - Last Names H-M
  • 11:00 - Last Names N-S
  • 11:30 - Last Names T-Z

Welcome 1st Graders!

We are so excited to welcome our incoming 1st graders from the Rodgers School! Watch the view below to see what the 1st grade teachers and other friends at Bullock have to say!
Welcome 1st Graders

Good Luck at Bowe 3rd Graders!

To our outgoing 3rd grade students: This isn't how any of us wanted to end your time at Bullock, but we know you will do an amazing job at the Bowe School! Click on the google slides presentation below to watch some video messages from the Bullock Teachers! You can also take a virtual tour of the school with Principal Stephenson!

Have a wonderful summer & good luck in 4th Grade!

Bowe Virtual Tour with Mr. Stephenson!
Big picture
Bullock Teacher Appreciation 2019-20

News & Notes

Faculty Laptops: All faculty laptops must be returned for imaging by 6/16. Please keep your chargers and please remember to back-up all your documents.
The Principal's Point of View

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Bullock's BOOM! Board

You're the Best! Shout-outs from the Bullock staff!
  • Katie it has been a pleasure working with you and sharing in the adventures of D-25. You are such a dedicated and ambitious individual. I am very fortunate to be able to work with you each day. I feel that distant learning has made us even closer. Thanks for sharing this crazy ride. The kids are lucky to have you and your amazing ways! Michelle

  • To Amanda, Thank you for ALL that you do for your students, parents, and teachers! I appreciate how you handled the 504 meeting this week. You made my parent feel at ease. I am grateful for that!
  • BOOM to Mrs. Tag for her dedication and enthusiasm for her students and the learning process throughout your teaching career. Wishing you health, happiness, and relaxation during your retirement. ~Katie & Michelle
  • Happy Summer-Wishing all of our colleagues and friends a well-deserved summer break. Boom to all of you for making it through these unique circumstances. ~Katie & Michelle
  • Bullock and the 2nd grade team, fabulous job with the Drive Through Parade!
  • The Bullock teachers and staff did an amazing job of coming together these last few months to share ideas, resources and support during this crazy time. This was an unforgettable end of the year and we got through it together. Enjoy the summer!
  • Kassie and Rita- Thanks for all the chats, laughs and help during these last few months. I’m so grateful for your friendship!
  • Best wishes on your retirement, Tag! You’ll be missed!
  • Thank you Jackie for a great and fun year with our Fabulous Firsties! We made a great team!
  • Congratulations Mrs. Tag! I hope you have a wonderful retirement!
  • TAG- Congratulations on your retirement:) You will be missed dearly. Bullock will never be the same without you:( - TEES
  • Tag, you will be missed for you humor, support and wealth of information. You are a fantastic teacher and I cannot thank you enough for all the times to you came to my aid. Rest and enjoy retirement! Well done my good and faithful servant, well done.
  • Thank you to Robyn, Rita, and Laure for presenting the Seesaw Introduction on Thursday on super-short notice!! You rock!!
  • Thank you to the first grade team for all the love, support, and advice this year! I’m grateful for all of you :) ~Sara
  • BIG SHOUT OUT…to the second grade team! Thanks for a great Drive Through for the kids! I enjoyed seeing everyone!
  • Dave- Thanks for another great year!
  • Rita and Kelli- Thank you for all your chats! We made it!
  • Tag- Congratulations on your Retirement! Thank you for all your phonics talks and your passion for teaching kids to read!
  • Shoutout to everyone getting through all of this craziness and doing our very best everyday! Looking back at it makes my head spin but we made it!! Have an amazing summer! -Jenna Alleman

Summer Birthdays!

  • Ms. Albarouk - 6/12
  • Ms. Scharnagl - 6/16
  • Ms. Evans - 6/19
  • Officer Hoinkis - 7/11
  • Ms. Crilley - 8/8
  • Ms. Applegate - 8/11
  • Ms. Budney - 8/23
  • Ms. Roxanne Burt - 8/30

Schoolwide Events

Community events/reminders are in bold.

  • 08/31: Teacher Inservice Day
  • 09/01: Teacher Inservice Day
  • 09/02: 1st Day of School (full day)
  • 09/04: Schools Closed (Labor Day)
  • 09/07: Schools Closed (Labor Day)
  • 09/24: Back-to-School Night