Real-World Application

By: Sophia McQueen

In Another Class

If using something learned in another class it would definitely be the correct way to format a letter as well as a report. This will help in other classes by being able to use the skills to make it more professional and more organized.

In a Job

I have learned that you have to be careful of what you put on the internet because many places do background searches and will find all of your mess. This will help me in getting a job because I know now that I have to be carful of what I put online whether it be something about the job itself or something that will shoe the boss that am not worthy of having the job at his/her worksite.

In Everyday Life

In everyday life I will now be able do things that I haven't been able to do before. I now know all of the little tricks that you can do in Word as well as all of these websites that help you to create more creative presentations that are just a fun way of showing information. I also know little tricks to use on Google. Google is something that I personally use almost everyday whether it is to look something up or if 'm just playing on the computer it is very helpful to know some new things about the search engine I use almost every day.