Affecting Appearances

an experiment on common courtesy, and appearances.

The Experiment

Will somebody treat you better if you're more conventionally "attractive"?

  • People base how they interact with each other by how they look; by means of their appearance.

The Experiment.

  • Actors dressed up as certain social groups, like an emo, popular, etc., will fall down in public areas. The people that help them will be compared to the data that was given to us through our Google Form. The incidents will be recorded on video.


  • Speaking publicly about the problem at hand. Also, a final video will be created about the experiment and shown during lunch.

Our Mission

We seek to make Saline High School a much nicer place where, no matter your appearance, everyone is kind and receives help. Both Dylan and I (Nea) are very excited to work on this particular assignment and so are our actors. We hope to see you lend a helping in hand to those in need in the future. Thank you!