The relationship bank account

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens

All About Relationship Bank Account

the Relationship bank account is about improving the key relationships in your life. The key to mastering relationships is first mastering yourself that does not mean be perfect just make progress within your self .

Some Of My Relationships

what is good thing to do in a relationship and what is bad

RBA deposits and withdrawals

deposits and withdrawals to a good relationship.

deposits- keep promises

be loyal


say you are sorry

set clear expectations

withdrawals- break promises

gossip and break confidences

do not listen

be arrogant

set false expectation.

The private victory

this part of the chapter was about it should help you become independent and responsible for yourself and help you create your on destiny. will help you learn how to be a team a player. your ability to get along with others will determine how successful you will be and your level of happiness