Grade 1A Newsletter 20-24 Apr 15

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

International Primary Curriculum- 'The Magic Toymaker'

This week, the MTM has set the children the task of testing out different materials to find out which ones might be suitable for baths toys.

Before testing, the children looked at a range of toys and discussed which material they were made from. We then sorted them using hoops to create a Venn diagram.

We then discussed the individual properties of each material and our children suggested the following ways to sort the toys:

• Shiny/dull

• Soft/hard

• Bends/does not bend

• Cold/warm to touch

• Waterproof/not waterproof

• Light/heavy

• Lets light through/does not let light through

We then got to work looking at the 4 different types of materials we were going to test (plastic, felt, paper and foil), and predicted which materials might be the best ones. Using a Science planning sheet we tested each one remembering our previous learning of making sure the test was fair. We then tried to see what happened by observing carefully and then trying to explain why it happened which was quite tricky! As always, our children gave this their best shot and thoroughly enjoyed getting a bit wet too!

Next week, we will be continuing our Science investigations into forces and friction as we race toy cars around the school!

Language Arts

The children have made fabulous progress with their understanding of punctuation. They are now noticing where and why punctuation is used and can hold lengthy discussions on the topic! What is most pleasing is that this knowledge is becoming more and more evident in their independent writing. We are now seeing children be more consistent with their use of full stops and capital letters and some are experimenting with commas. The children wrote an extended piece of writing on toys from the past which highlighted this development.
For the next few weeks our CAFE strategy continues to be fluency as it fits well with our writing focus on punctuation.

The children are loving the poetry postman visiting every day. Their enthusiasm for poetry is astounding. The are extremely keen to write their own poems. Who knows, we may have a Wordsworth in our midst!


Grade Ones have learnt numbers to 10,20 and to 40. They have also learnt to apply these numbers in addition and subtraction.

For the next few weeks, Grade Ones will be learning numbers to 100. We begin by learning to count on from 40 - 100 with the tens - fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety and one hundred. Following on from their understanding that a 2-digit number is made up of tens and ones, they can count in tens before counting the remaining ones when identifying a 2-digit number.

With the emphasis on place value (using a place value chart), Grade Ones are taught to compare 2-digit numbers which have different tens. They then compared numbers which have equal tens by focussing on the ones. The next step is ordering the numbers accordingly.

This week, Grade Ones also learnt number patterns and finding the missing numbers in a pattern. This activity encourages them to think critically.

All the concepts learnt this week lays the foundation for them to develop their addition and subtraction skills with larger numbers in the following weeks to come.

Dates for your diary!

ICT open lessons:

AMc: Tuesday 28th April @ 11.20-12.20

CDo: Tuesday 28th April @ 9.20-10.20

CNe: Monday 27th April @ 1.00-2.00

TOP SECRET!!! Exit Point (The Magic Toymaker) Thursday 14th May

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