The Titanic

By Amit Rockach

Titanic Facts

269.1 metres - the length of the Titanic (882 feet 9 inches).

52310 tons - the weight of the ship.

825 tons - the amount of coal used per day.

The Titanic Story

Titanic was to be the biggest, fastest and most luxurious liner in the time.

It took three years of hard work by 3000 workers and the Titanic was finished and ready to set sail on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. On board was a collection of passengers comprising millionaires, silent movie stars, school teachers and emigrants, in search of a better life in the United States.

On 14 April, 1912 the titanic boat hit an iceberg without any warning the damage was huge and the captain sent a SOS messages and started to clear away the passengers as Titanic started to sink.
First to be evacuated were women and children but the ship did not have much rescue boats for all the people and the crew so many people drawn. In this disaster 1517 people drawn and 706 people rescued.

It is consider one of the biggest disasters in sea liner history.

Less than three hours after the Titanic crashed into the iceberg, the Titanic lay at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, nearly four kilometres down.

Only a few years ago Titanic was found using special technology and now we can investigate what was the technology failure of the Titanic that was planned as a boat that can not drawn with the latest technology those days.

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