1500m Run

By: Hannah Bauer

Endurance, Conditioning, and Training

The 1500m run is one of the many athletic events in the Olympics. Athletes have competed for a gold medal by completing the 1500m run since 1896. Athletes who run the 1500m run use endurance and sprinting as great techniques. Lots of training and conditioning is required of these athletes in order for them to compete in the Olymics.

Reason of Study

The reason I am gathering and comparing all of these results is so that I can determine if and when the performance of the women's 1500m run, in the Olympics, will surpass the men's performance. To calculate this I will be using linear regression and methods of solving a system of equations.

The Scatter Plot

O= Men 1500m run times

X= Women's 1500m run times

The Linear Regression

The red line represents the trend for the female 1500m Olympic gold medalist times. The blue line represents the trend for the male 1500m Olympic gold medalist times.

The Intersection

The intersection is suppose to show when the men and women will be at the same level of speed. The lines intersected a long time ago, before the Olympics. So therefore the lines will never intersect again and the women will never be faster than the men.

The X Coordinate

The X coordinate represedents the year that the 1500m Olympic event gold medal time took place.

The Y Coordinate

The Y coordinate represents the speed that took place at that particular year of the Olympics.
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