Influences of Food Choices

Madison Forist

Physical Needs

Foods I eat needed for survival, hunger, health status, and energy level are...

1. Meats

2. Veggies

3. And Fruits

Psychological needs

Foods I eat for my good/bad moods, emotions and feelings, body image are...

1. Good moods: Fruits

2. Emotion and feelings: Sweets & bulge eat

3. Body image: Healthy foods, chicken breasts and veggies

Personal Food Preference

Foods I eat for taste, smell, color, favorite foods are...

1. Sea Foods (crab, fish, shrimp, etc...)

2. Asian Foods (sushi, pho noodles, chicken and dumplings, etc...)

3. Mexican Foods (tacos, burritos, tamales, etc...)

Food Availability

Foods I eat by choice, seasons, and distribution are...

1. In winter I eat soups

2. In summer I eat cold stuff, ice cream, slurpez, etc...

3. In November I eat turkey

Social Settings

Foods I eat for mealtimes, lunches, movies, other events are...

1. Lunches I eat sandwiches

2. Movies I eat popcorn or nachos

3. At fairs I eat funnel cakes

Society Foods

Foods I eat for ethnic traditions, religious beliefs, family traditions, and holidays are....

1. Christmas: Every meat you can think of (lol)

2. Thanksgiving: Turkey and ham and mash potatoes and green bean casserole

3. Easter: Finger foods