The Untold Story Of Finding Nemo!

What Disney Didn't Tell You! ;)

The Beggining

The wind breathes across the face of the water, as the hearts of many sink. Red pools float on top of a crisp blue ocean. Where in the darkness of the sea a clown fish lay weeping over a dead body.

This Is the untold story of Finding Nemo!

The Story!

Fog covers the sandy ocean floor as shadows frow the past dance in Marlin the clown fish's head. A tragedy had happened just days before as Marlin's wife Coral was torn to pieces from a deadly whale attack.

Unfortunately the wale had eaten all of the red glittering eggs Martin was to be the father of, except for one. The egg was laying in a dark crevice of a cave glowing. The egg was untouched except for the one little scratch left by the whales tale hitting it and throwing it up against a wall in the cave.

As Marlin stands today at the funeral of his beloved wife he remembers the attack.

As the orange coffin goes into the seas floor a ghost appears with the appearance of a white, transparent, almost like a bleached shirt color.

The school of fish at the funeral fled for the rot iron fence surrounding the eerie cemetery. The gates then slammed closed as the spooky figure snickered and cackled.

The smirking smile on the repulsive creature made Marlin shudder. The creatures long and bony looking arm reached out and grabbed Marlin. He screamed and shrieked, but struggling just made it worse. Soon Marlin had been strangled to death. Everyone wondered if this creature who had killed Marlin was the ghost of Coral, Marlin's wife getting revenge on Marlin for not being there to save her. I know who that hideous ghost was though, it was Nemo!

Just days before the funeral of Coral, Nemo had been born. He had already shown a killer like personality from day one.

Soon the evil fish decided he wanted to rule the sea, and to do that he had to kill every fish in his way. Later on that day Nemo was swimming around and came upon a fish elementary school. Unfortunately that school was standing in the way of him so he destroyed the school, killing everyone inside. It was horrible the mothers and fathers of kids sobbed and they couldn't believe their kids were gone. They decided that Nemo had to be stopped.

They set out on a journey to kill Nemo so all other creatures would be safe!

When they finally caught up to Nemo, the mean animal had been destroying a nearby reef.

Luckily most fish had gotten away, but for one little fish that wasn't so lucky, he happened to be in the arms of the beast. The mob of fish tried to stop Nemo but he had already gobbled down the poor, baby fish. He had to be stopped Nemo was destroying everything. One brave fish named Dory tried to bite Nemo with her deadly piranha fangs, but it was no use Nemo slurped her body down like a long skinny spaghetti noodle.

Nemo's plan was working he would soon rule the sea!

There is one thing stronger than a ugly giant fish and that is Man. One day while Nemo was terrorizing fish in the hospital a fisherman came along in his huge boat. Then just like that Nemo was swooped up and put into a net.

The whole ocean cheered and cried tears of joy! Finally this sea could sleep knowing that they would live to see another day.

As for Nemo let's just say he made a wonderful lunch for that fabulous fisherman's family!

That is The Untold Story of Finding Nemo! Hope You Enjoyed!

Boo! :)