The Secondary

By: Nick Billings

My History

When I first started playing football for my middle school, which is  Chisholm Trail Middle School. Coach Starnes decided to put me at Corner which is in the Secondary (Corner Back and Safety). After a couple of games, I started to love the position and its job, and I was pretty good at covering my man and tackeling. Since then, I have loved playing football. For example, I have forced fumbles and have swated passes.

Pass Coverage

Figuring out if it’s a pass or run is always the 1st priority.   If it’s a pass, its always the first job of the Secondary  to cover a man and make sure the quarterback doesn’t complete the pass to your man your covering. If the quarterback throws the ball towards the receiver, you have to get in front of the man your covering and either swat it down, or intercept it. If they catch it, its your job to tackle them, and not let them score.

Role Model

My role model that I look up too and learn from is a former LSU cornerback, Patrick Peterson. Right now, he plays in the NFL on the Arizona Cardinals which I like because I was born in Arizona. He plays the game so well and dominates the secondary it makes him a big play maker. The reason I love him is because he’s very good at corner, always positive, and he’s from LSU.

My Conclusion

 I hope I continue to play football for my school and play in the backfield in the Secondary Defense. I think I will continue to play because my love for football, working hard, and staying positive no matter what! My truism is, "If you work hard and focus on your dream, you will achive!"