The Salty Suburban

By: Megan L, Isabella S, Jack N, and Deacon M

This is our Town

We have a great town. It's based off of Roman and Greek ideas. We have a grid system with our roads. If you wanted to buy a home in The Salty Suburban you would be able to walk to school. Also after school you can go get something to eat or something to drink at many of our stores. We have a lot of things to do too like playing at the big field with friends or your family. Or you can also watch sports games at the stadium we have. Our city council is one of the best they make all the right decisions.
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Why are we a Suburban community?

You might be wondering why we are a suburban community. Well we are right next to Salt Lake City. It is a great place because you can go to the city or you can go to the lake. Salt Lake City has a ton of things to do like watch the Utah Jazz an NBA team play basketball. In the winter time you can also go to the ski resorts and ski and snowboard. There are a million more things to do.

Our Great Shops, Hotels, Beaches, Restaraunts etc.

The Seasons and Climates

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