Holocaust Survivors

By: Ki Landry and Trinity McCann

Ava Galler

Ava’s story is very similar to Elie’s. Jews weren’t allowed jobs, then their valuables were taken away. After this, only a few Jews were responsible for the entire Jewish community. Next, the community was moved into a terribly small ghetto in Lubaczow. They were warned that they were being transported on a cattle car, and to only bring water with them. Also like Elie, they were brought on a death train where they all have to stand. Eva’s father said to the oldest three children (This included Eva), as a kid had just pulled out barbed wire from a window, “Run, run – maybe you will stay alive. We will stay here with small children, because even if they get out, they will not be able to survive. “You run, I know you will stay alive. You have Belzer Rabbi’s blessing.” Her little brother, Berele, went out first, who was 15, then her 16 year-old sister, Hannah, went out next, then her at 17 went out. She landed in the snow and got away from the SS men who were shooting at them. When she heard nothing else from that spot, she went back to find her brother and sister. She found both of them dead. After this she took off the star and hid her identity.

Solomon Radasky

Solomon spent his young years in the Warsaw ghetto. His job included making sure the rail roads were clear by cleaning snow from the rails. One day he came home to find that his siblings and parents were all dead. Out of 78 people in his family, he was the only one who survived. He heard rumors that his sister had survived, so he went down to the camp and tried to find her, only to find that he was stuck there. Then he was moved to a death camp. Two of these camps Elie went to, Auschwitz and Buna. So his life was very much like Elie's because first he went to a ghetto then to several death camps.

Jeaninne Burk

Jeannine was a hidden child when she was two, her dad took her to a safe house. All of her other siblings had been taken to safe houses and she was the last to go. Her father took her to the last stop of the train line and got off. Her dad lead her to a house and said good bye, that was the last time she ever saw him.

She was let out into the back yard occasionally and had to be hidden in the out house when the Nazis paraded around town. She was frightened stiff because of the little cracks in the wall, she thought that if she could see theme they could see her. She survived and two years later her family came and got her, but she never saw her dad again.