Captain of the Witch's Secret Police

By: Rohan #28

About Me

I am Maugrim, a ferocious, grey talking wolf in Narnia, and the captain of the White Witch's Secret Police. I am one of the most loyal to the Witch. The Witch expects me to do exactly what she says.

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When I Hear Aslan's Name

When I hear Aslan's name, I shudder with fear and scream inside my body. Aslan is the most powerful king in Narnia and he can easily destroy me. I feel like running away to somewhere where he will never find me.

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Father Christmas's Gift

Father Christmas gave Peter a shield and a sword. He gave Susan a bow and a quiver full of arrows. He gave Lucy a bottle of cordial made of the juice of one of the fire-flowers that grow on the mountains. He said, '' If any of you or your friends are hurt , a few drops of this will restore them.''

The gift I desire is an Aslan-Killing Ray. I would do anything for this.

Favorite Quote From the Book

My favorite quote from the book is, '' I hear and obey, O Queen ''

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You Create - My Favorite Charcter

The Witch is my boss

The Witch is the best

The most powerful queen

Than all the rest