The Outstanding Octopus!

By Omar Daraghmeh

The Introduction

Squirt! The octopus squirts ink to escape predators. Octopuses are amazing creatures with a fascinating habitat, appearance and diet. Octopi are the most smartest invertebrate.

The Closing

From their under water den to their huge bulbous head, and to the crabs in their belly, octopuses are interesting under water animals. They can travel through the ocean 60 feet in about a minute. These are important animals to the ecosystem.

Go Fish Tank

I had 250 dollars to use to make my fish tank and buy fish. I spent $136.66 on my tank and decors. I got a cave with plants so the fish can hide.I spent 20.80 dollars buying the fish. I can imagine them being happy in their tank.
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Think Tank Comic

This comic is about Octoman trying to get food
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This video will tell you facts about the octopus.
True Facts About The Octopus


This is my diorama.
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