Fresh Steps

Personal and Career Development Programme

What is Fresh Steps ....

An innovative new work and personal development programme for people wanting to review progress and set new goals.

Fresh Steps is a mid-career personal and career development programme focusing on reviewing your achievements, talents and skills, finding out what’s important to you now and exploring your thoughts, ideas or plans for the future. It’s for anyone with significant work experience who is open to the possibilities that their future could offer.

The most successful people will make a plan for their future. So why not take this opportunity to invest the time to review your career and life goals?

Programme Dates:

Information Session - Tuesday 6th June 2017 11-12:30/1 pm (Bring your lunch along with you - there will be tea, coffee and cake).

Workshop 1 - Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th September 2017 (2 days)

Workshop 2 - Monday 30th October 2017

All sessions will be held in the Chris Lamb Training Lounge and Garden, lunch and refreshments all provided.

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What does Fresh Steps cover?

Delivered over six weeks, Fresh Steps consists of five simple, yet powerful, ingredients:
• a two-day workshop followed by a one-day workshop
• a wide-ranging information gathering project in between the workshops, specifically tailored to each individual’s requirements
• a comprehensive and stylishly produced folder of course materials
• an especially recorded CD
• peer group support and networking

The programme covers:

  • successfully dealing with change
  • identifying what you want from work
  • mentoring/coaching
  • reassessing changing values
  • inter-generational working
  • setting goals
  • your health issues
  • the importance of exercise and relaxation
  • recognising success
  • relationships with other people
  • clearing whatever is holding you back
  • gathering information
  • relaunching yourself
  • presenting your experience positively
  • turning your goals into reality

Who is it Designed for?

Fresh Steps is for anyone at work who is wants to reassess where they are in their lives and work, review their priorities, explore new possibilities and set new goals.

What Can i Expect to gain from the programme?

Results from the programme vary from person to person as everyone sets their own aims and objectives. Some people concentrate on moving onwards in their careers, whilst others prefer to focus on their quality of life outside work. Most have their own unique blend of both personal and work objectives.

Participants walk away from Fresh Steps with a new spring in their step, open to new challenges and with a renewed sense of optimism and purpose.

"My motivation is back and it feels great to give myself another chance."

Fresh Steps can't promise you promotion, a better job, better relationships or a more interesting and fulfilling life.....

However it will enable you to take control, take action and it will give you the opportunities and skills to make the changes you want.

Comments from previous NBI attendees:

"The Fresh Steps programme gave me the opportunity and time to look to where I am now in my career and personally and to evaluate what I want to keep or change"

"I feel more energised and positive about work and life"

Come along to the information session to find out more

Tuesday, June 6th, 11am-12:30pm

Chris Lamb Training Lounge

Join us to find out more about the benefits of Fresh Steps to you.

Register for the information session HERE

Cakes and refreshments will be available. Please feel free to bring your lunch with you.