By Ace Jacobs

Earthquakes PBL

"How can we, as structual engineers, construct a two story home in Califonia for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?" That was our driving question.

In this project, we learned about earthquakes and what to do when one hits. We also learned where in California earthquakes are most likely and least likely to strike. Basd on the stuff we learned, we had to build a house that would withstand an earthquake, and also find a place where there is a low chance of an earthquake.

For our house, we chosento use a lot of our resources on making the first floor very stable and strong.

30 Hands

In this project, we learned about global climate change, and what it was. We also learned how humans were hurting our planet, what we could do to help prevent it. Also, we learned what would happen if the earth kept heating up, and how natural sources contribute to the Greenhouse effect too.

Invention Convention

When we're done with trash,we put it in the garbage can. That si a bid waste, because that garbage usually ends up burned to get rid of it, or put in a landfill. In the Invention Convention, we built a "Timber", a robot that was in theory supposed to turn trash into fuel. We built it out of boxes, with a water bottle pipe. It was going to have trash heated up, and then have the heated up trash turn into fuel, in a magical process none of us fully understood.