College Composistion & Research

Jonathan Burk

Future Plans

My name is Jonathan Burk. I'm a senior at Chillicothe High School in Chillicothe, Missouri. I am currently in College Composition and Research taught by Dr. Jill Watkins. I enjoy hunting, fishing, playing sports, and being around friends and family. Next year I plan on attending The University of Central Missouri to study Architetural Drafting Technology.

Academic Resume

By following the link below you will be directed to a copy of my academic resume that was created in Dr. Jill Watkins English 101 Class of Chillicothe High School. This resume outlines all of my greatest high-school accomplishments to date.

The Change

In this essay, I discuss the difficulties that I have had to overcome in regards to an injury sustained to my knee during a high school sport.

Damaged Perceptions

In this essay, I recount the struggles of my mother through single motherhood and the challenges she faced.

Mythbusters: Attention Spans

In this essay, I explain the common misconceptions around attention spans and the false accusations made over attention spans today.

Educational Arsenal

In this essay, I define the role of education in the American society today and how that role has changed in recent years.

Slackers of America

In this essay, I address the false perceptions around Millennials in the workforce of America today and discuss the barriers between generations.

Meats Controversy

In this essay, I discuss the benefits of eating meat in comparison to vegetarian diets.

Top 5 Tips to Survive Doc Wat's

In this video, I provide the top five most important things to remember and live by in order to survive English 101 with Dr. Jill Watkins of Chillicothe High School.

Most Successful Paper

In this video, I break down my most successful paper and provide tips on how to create a successful paper of your own.

Did You Know?

In this video, I provide fun facts about the advantages and disadvantages of processed and unprocessed meats in America today.