The Jurassic Time Period


Major Geological Events

Majority of dinosaurs lived in this time period but large dinosaurs thrived, the first birds also appeared, flying reptiles also became famous and thrived, and finally the supercontinent Pangea started to break apart and form the Americas.

The Climate And Environment Of The Jurassic Period

The Climate was hot, dry and humid during the whole Jurassic period, and felt was like a drippy subtropical feel. The environment was a lot cleaner and safer, the atmosphere was cleaner and didn’t have any holes, the land was more fertile, the grass was greener, there was more vegetation, and there were no humans there to pollute everything.

Dominant organisms living at that time - animals and plant

Animal-Large dinosaurs the Stegosaurus, Diplodocus, and Apatosaurus Plant-Conifers, Ginkgophytes, club mosses, horsetails, ferns, seed ferns, Sphenopsids, Filicophyta, Cycadeoidea, and cycadophytes.

The Main Things Travelers Would Like To See Or Visit

The dinosaurs mostly, some odd plant life compared to today, and the environmental change from back then to today because back then it was all clean but today it is the exact opposite there is trash in the oceans and pollution all over the world.

What One Would Need To Wear During The Jurassic Period

Wear shorts, tennis shoes, short sleeves, and a hat these things would be important because it was a hot humid climate. This would be helpful to wear these things because the climate was hot and humid.

Dangers Travelers Could Face

Your could face poisonous plants, different sicknesses/diseases that wouldn’t be present today but did back then that one could catch, and getting harmed or killed by dinosaurs.

The Most Famous Dinosaurs Of The Jurassic Time Period