The Media Is Too Narrow Minded

Daniela Lileng

There are many kinds of beauty.

The media portrays a very limited view of what beauty means. According to every advertisement regarding beauty products, the ideal image consists “Of blonde, thin women.”(Impact). With the only references being ones that convey the message of this ideal body type, teenage girls compare themselves to an impossible image. The message that is not passed on through advertisements is that there are many kinds of beautiful. Nowadays, the media thrives on teenagers will to perfection. An add about weight loss can manipulate anyone who is near 130 pounds, the average weight for a sixteen year old girl, with models who fit in sizes that should not exist. This type of mental abuse can turn physical. Many teens put themselves furthermore into harm's way to achieve these perfect bodies by putting “themselves through compulsive exercise, bulimia, binge eating, steroid abuse and diet aid abuse, and anorexia” (Impact) It is important for teenager, who are at such a vulnerable state in their lives to see that you don’t have to be blonde or thin to be pretty. Many companies such as target have begun using models with Down syndrome to show that their product suits everyone of all shapes, sizes, and looks . All in all it’s a great step towards making the media a safer, more enjoyable place. The idea to remember is not to let the negative side of the add get to your head. Remember to always think on the bright side!