Catlin LIve Well Challenge

Week #4

Congratulations to Our Week #2 Winner

Week #2's winners are The BOD Squad! They had a whopping total of 2,030 minutes and are the first team to break the 2,000 in a week mark. Congratulations and good luck next week! Our staff has put in 17,066 minutes of exercise in two weeks! Way to go!

The BOD Squad:
Metta, Kirsten, Lynette, Paul, Denise, Cheryl, Kristen, Krissa

Week #4 Bonus Challenge

Taking a Moment to Be Grateful




noun: gratitude

the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

The fourth week's challenge is all about expressing gratitude. Its funny to me that of all the bonus challenges that I have set up for our competition, this one has elicited the most groans and eye rolls. However, a habit of gratitude is probably just as powerful as a habit of exercising. Of course, that is just one librarian's opinion. Take a look at the article linked below and come to your own conclusions, but I hope you take a moment, even if you do not do the challenge, to think about what you are truly grateful for this week.

If you would like to add 30 extra points to your score and jeans on Thursday, you must write down three things you are thankful for each day this week from Friday to Thursday. If you happen to miss a day, write six things the next. That's seven days of being grateful or 21 moments of gratitude. Spice your challenge up a little and make that 21 different things/events/people that you are grateful for over the week. Or, just repeat the same three in a meaningful way. Thank you for reading this newsletter. See! Look how easy it is to be thankful.