"Chignahuapan Lagoon"

Water Pollution

Pollution of the Lagoon

Chignahuapan Lagoon is a tourist attraction of the city and there are increasing degree of contamination.

The contamination exists of many ways:

  • If you throw rubbish into the lagoon, You would water is contaminated.
  • If it sewage flowing into the lagoon, It might the fish will die.
  • If it given a wrong use of the lagoon, the water would be ended.

Prevention Measures

In order to maintain our long gap we must take prevention measures. If not throw garbage the water, there would not pollution .If the water is not contaminated, we would not have killed species.If species not killed, had continued fishing activity. Also, If they had not discarded sewage water would be consumable and consumable If serious water, never had diseases in people .

As already mentioned, there are many prevention measures to prevent water pollution by the community. But in the same way the government should put drastic measures including making new laws that protect the tourist place which is the lagoon.

Organization "Caring the Planet"

Prolongationn Avila Camacho