Baby Ruth Mastermind Group

Your invitation to a 5 month rapid growth program

Are you ready to go all in to reach your Hoopla goals and BEYOND?

If YES - keep reading.

Introducing the Baby Ruth Mastermind Group, run by the Glowing Stones - for the Glowing Stones.

This program is an application only, high intensity pacing group that will provide you with weekly group training, a peer support group, 1:1 coaching and plenty of fun and celebrating along the way. Our goal is to go ALL IN on YOU to help move your business to the next level, just in time for Hoopla in Denver.

If you have dreams of taking this business to the next level, to making thousands of dollars by July, to providing amazing opportunities for yourself and your family, and to having fun while doing it - THIS IS FOR YOU.

And what’s with the name Baby Ruth?! Well - we love a good theme around here and we figured we’d pay homage to the original girlboss - RBG. (No politics - just admiration for the way this woman has been a true pioneer for all of us!)

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What’s it going to take from you?

Commitment, commitment, commitment. This program is not for those who are testing the waters by dipping one toe in. It’s for anyone who is ready to cannonball! The goals are lofty and scary, but the whole point of this is to s-t-r-e-t-c-h yourself and see just what you are capable of while having the amazing support and camaraderie of your Stella sisters every single step of the way.

Program benchmarks:

February: Sell $2500 and sponsor 1

March: Sell $3500 and sponsor 1

April: Sell $5000 and sponsor 2

May: Sell $5000 and sponsor 2

June: Sell $5000 and sponsor 2

February 1 - June 30: Promote at least one Associate Stylist


February 1 - June 30: Sell $25,000, sponsor 10 and promote at least one Associate Stylist

***Current Stars+: hit all above sales and sponsoring requirements and promote at least one Star

How are we going to do it?

  • Weekly Zooms with Star Director Krista Demcher and Senior Director Julie Kraus on Mondays at 12:30pm (not required to be on live, but will be required to listen to the recording by the end of the day)
  • Marco Polo pacing group for all Baby Ruths
  • Guest speakers and extra training opportunities
  • 1:1 coaching calls when you hit the previous month’s benchmarks

And how are we going to celebrate come July?!

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Yep - you read that right. Everyone who completes the Baby Ruth program and hits the monthly targets or the cumulative target will get a SPA DAY before Hoopla begins courtesy of Julie and Krista!

Get ready to have that hard work melt away as we celebrate and relax together!

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Are you in?!

If reading this makes you feel nervous - it should! Big goals require massive action, but we are here to take this action together. But first - a few questions I imagine you might have.

What happens if you are accepted into the group but don’t meet a monthly target or the cumulative target? That’s okay! You won’t get in on the spa day at Hoopla, but you are still welcome in the weekly Zooms and Marco Polo pacing group!

Do I have to be present for the Monday 12:30pm Zooms? No! We understand that many of you have a FT job that will prevent you from being present on weekly Zooms. We ask that if you can join us during a lunch break, please do - but if not, we will ask that you watch the recording by end of the day Monday so we can move forward with our coaching.

What if I know I can’t be at Hoopla but I want to participate in this program and be rewarded for my hard work? Well - we hope we can sway your decision. ;). BUT - if you absolutely cannot make it to Denver in July but hit the program benchmarks, we will be sure you get some spa time anyway!

Can I do this?! I’m scared! YES. YES YOU CAN. The first step to doing anything big is leaning in and going ALL IN. The only thing that stands between you and doing this is the BELIEF in yourself. You got this girl - we will do this together.

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Alright - let’s do this thing!

The Baby Ruth Mastermind Group has limited amount of spots to be able to give you the best coaching we can, so if you want in please fill out the application below NO LATER THAN MONDAY, JANUARY 28th. We are SO EXCITED to partner with you to make this your BEST YEAR YET!

Xo, Krista & Julie

Proud leaders of the Glowing Stones & Jazzy Jewelz